Dialexis operates on the belief that “simplicity lies on the other side of complexity.” We are committed to providing the best solutions and resources for sales growth, leadership advancement and culture shift. Dialexis has been invited into many Ethisphere-nominated organizations because of our ethical standards and successful sales strategies. Our strategies for growth are based on real-world experience. Our work is simple and quantifiable. We have been given the opportunity to work with Fortune 500 clients that have made bold commitments to relationship with Dialexis. Through this joint partnership, our clients have seen significant ROI in leadership and sales performance, while Dialexis has experienced the benefit of working with world class ethical organizations.

Rafael Pastor

Chairman Of The Board and CEO – Vistage International

“SOAR’s integrity and efficacy not only help overcome cold-call-phobia; SOAR turns anyone who’s motivated to sell into a cold-call-master. SOAR’s proven and effective way “to get through” has achieved unmatched results for Vistage Chairs who are determined to reach and convert CEOs and other executives to Vistage membership. SOAR tips and tools have really propelled our business to SOAR.”

2016 Training Magazine, the leading business publication for learning and development professionals, has ranked Vistage Worldwide Inc. as the seventh leading organization among its Top 125 organizations for training. Dialexis was proudly part of the curriculum development and corporate training program.

Organizations That Have Trusted Dialexis