Make Decision Maker Appointments Despite Market Challenges

SOAR 2.0

LIVE VIRTUAL Prospecting!

  • Each Virtual sessions are focused on proven strategies for reaching Decision Makers
  • All sessions provide a strategy to drive revenue NOW
  • Live Dialing sessions are delivered in small groups for maximized learning
  • Actual Appointments are generated during the 90-Minute Live Dial Sessions
  • Delivery components have been proven with IBM, Xerox, Cisco, Dell, Armstrong, etc
  • Virtual Modules are interactive & include a Mindset component.


  •  Any salesperson required to prospect for net new business- despite a difficult market
  •  Any salesperson that could use emotional support with driving revenue
  •  Any salesperson required to work from a remote office
  •  Anyone that seeks to contact a Decision Maker or High Influencer

SOAR2.0 Course Options

$99 Module #1: – 90 Minutes LIVE Virtual – “THE GATEKEEPER”

  • Psychological & Ethical Strategies To Handle Gatekeeper Blockades
  • A Simple Approach For Getting Past Voicemail
  • Making Contact With Fewer Attempts

$99 Module #2: – 90 Minutes LIVE Virtual – “THE VALUE STATEMENT”

  • A Proven & Compelling Value Statement That Generates Meetings
  • Keys To The Delivering Your Value Statement

$99 Module #3: – 90 Minutes LIVE Virtual – “REACHING THE DECISION MAKER”

  • Navigate In The ‘Power Zone’ Of The Decision Maker & High Influencer
  • Gaining Access To The Right Decision Maker
  • How To Convert A ‘Send Me Something’ Request Into An Appointment
  • $99 Module #4: – 90 Minutes LIVE Virtual – “VOICEMAIL”
  • Utilizing An Ethical Voice Mail Message That Generates Return Calls – It Works!
  • Answering your incoming Voicemail professionally and strategically

 $99 Module #6: – 90 Minutes LIVE Virtual – “MINDSET”

  • Identifying & reframing Limiting Beliefs
  • Prospecting Myths
  • Connecting Mindset to sales productivity
  • Discovering hidden blocks to top performance
  • Payoffs that keep performance at the lower level

 $99 Module #6: – 90 Minutes LIVE Virtual – “LIVE DIALING” (After completion of Modules 1 – 4)

  • Instructor Support With ‘Live Dialing’ Into Net-New Prospects
  • Candidate Makes Actual Calls To New Target Accounts
  • Instructor Utilizes Visual Coaching Maps
  • Requires Candidate To Have 5 Target Accounts To Call & Wear Head-Phones