Option 1:  Live In-Person Facilitation

Dialexis provides a Master Trainer for all of our live, in-person training engagements facilitated at your organization’s facility or location of choice.

Onsite training provides a stimulating experience for all participants.

Key Components:

  • Client selects the number of participants to attend
  • Typically, the best location is at a hotel away from day-to-day distractions
  • Dialexis requires minimal training needs
  • Group size is determined based upon the program selected

Option 2:  Live – Virtual Facilitation

For organizations that may be out of logical range to conduct in person onsite coaching, Dialexis offers live training in a virtual settings. Each sessions may last up to two hours on a frequency determined by client leadership.

Key Components:

  • Individual or group sessions
  • Best when leadership is in the session
  • Metrics are applied to respect accountability
  • Results are exceptional when challenges or questions are posed in advance to the Dialexis facilitator/coach

Option 3:  SOAR Online

Every component of SOAR Selling is available online in 8 independent courses.  Candidates learn SOAR Selling from their computers or tablets and do so at their own pace and at their own convenience.  The instruction is engaging, easy to comprehend, provides identical platforms as in the live-training and is cost effective.

Key Courses:

  1. Get Ready – Mindset
  2. The No Information Zone (Receptionist Engagement)
  3. The Power Zone (The Corner Office)
  4. Creating Value To Win (Value Statement Development)
  5. Overcoming Resistance
  6. LinkedIn
  7. SOAR Insights
  8. Putting It All Together (SOAR Selling 2.0 – Live Dial Examples)

Option 4:  Train-The-Trainer Certification for SOAR Selling 2.0

Maintaining the integrity of our client’s investment is substantially supported by the implementation of the Train-The-Trainer process.  Once the initial training is completed, the certified corporate trainers maintain the momentum and energy initially introduced to the organization.  As a result, the organization’s capture of net-new business and net-new logos continues throughout the year.

Key Components:

  • Dialexis provides a certification platform called Train-The-Trainer.
  • Candidates for the certified program are immersed in a three-day training session with a Master Instructor.
  • Upon completing the instruction, candidates are required to demonstrate competency by solo-instructing a class.
  • Done under the supervision of a Master Trainer
  • Annual certification competency is required.

If you have more questions about how our corporate training programs are delivered, please contact us today.