Make Strategic Contact with a Decision Maker


Paul Gille

CEO, Sales Performance Group
“I’m extremely impressed with the SOAR program, simple, effective, and one of the most enabling sales programs I have ever been through… and I have been through literally hundreds! I bought the SOAR Selling book, it was clear concise and well done. I can’t say enough about the experience.”

SOAR Selling 2.0 – Training Engagement

  • 2 Day In-Person or 3 Day Virtual Training Engagement
  • 1 Day Sales Manager(s) Coaching Session
  • 4 bi-weekly Follow Up Reinforcement Sessions
  • SOAR Online – 12 Month License


SOAR Online

  • All participants can access SOAR Online prior to any in-person or virtually facilitated training session
  • 8 Courses
  • 12 Month Access

Value Statement Development and Objection Handling

  • Dialexis will work with you to development compelling value statements through our Connector Sheet Process
  • Effective responses to common objections can be created (Client’s option)
  • Participants: Your Sales Leadership Team Members


Strategic C-Level Contact by Telephone

  • How to ask for the Decision Maker with Confidence and Presence
  • Overcoming Receptionist Resistance
  • Responses to CHIP questions such as “What is it regarding?” or “Are they expecting your call?”
  • How to make Contact despite Voicemail – our 5 step “Ride The Bull” Process
  • How to effectively engage with an Executive Assistant
  • Introduction of powerful and specific Value Statements (as developed during Phase 1)
  • How to overcome resistance by qualifying a “Send Me Something” Request
  • Convert a “Send Me Something” request into a Meeting!
  • Leave an Effective Voicemail Message
  • Participants: Up to 15 Sales Representatives per Training Engagement

Live Dials and Appointment Setting

  • Live telephone calls are made by your sales representatives to actual businesses during the training
  • Facilitated by Dialexis Master-Certified Trainers
  • Participants: Your Sales Representatives and Managers/Team Leaders
  • 90% Contact Success per Net Dial Made
  • Decision Maker Contact: 46% Success
  • High Influencer Contact: 44% Success
  • 35% – 40% Appointment Success
  • 50%+ Voicemail Messages Returned

Facilitation Options

  • 2-Days: Live – In-Person (8:00am – 4:30pm per Day)
    • Day 1: How To Make Strategic Contact, Value Statement Development and Overcoming Resistance
    • Day 2: Mindset To Win and LIVE DIALS!
  • 3-Days: Live – Virtual (1.5 to 2 Hours per Day)
    • Day 1: How To Make Strategic Contact
    • Day 2: Value Statement Development and Overcoming Resistance
    • Day 3: Mindset To Win and LIVE DIALS!


Sales Management Coaching

  • 1 Day (In Person or Virtual)
  • Clients select appropriate candidates to become a SOAR Selling in-house coach
  • Instruction is delivered by a Master SOAR Selling Instructor

Post-Training Reinforcement

  • Four bi-weekly group follow-up and reinforcement sessions
  • Accountability and Activity Tracking
  • LinkedIn and Email workshop
    • 63% LinkedIn Connection Success
    • 35% Email Reply Rate
  • Facilitation: In person or virtual (30-60 minutes per follow up session)
  • Participants: SOAR Selling Participants and Managers/Team Leaders
  • 200% to 2000% ROI in 12 Weeks

SOAR Online is available as a stand alone offering as well

SOAR Selling 2.0: Train-The-Trainer Certification is also available

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