SOAR 2.0

Make Better Initial Contact with Decision Makers

Paul Gille

CEO, Sales Performance Group
“I’m extremely impressed with the SOAR program, simple, effective, and one of the most enabling sales programs I have ever been through… and I have been through literally hundreds! I bought the SOAR Selling book, it was clear concise and well done. I can’t say enough about the experience.”

Phase One: SOAR 2.0 – Value Statement Development And Objection Handling

  • Development of compelling value statements through our Connector Sheet Process
  • Effective sales force responses to common objections are confirmed and reinforced
  • Facilitated by your selected Dialexis Leadership Team Members

Phase Two: SOAR 2.0 – Strategic C-Level Contact by Telephone

  • How to make better initial contact with decision makers by telephone
  • Creating a platform for mindset breakthrough
  • Responses to questions such as, “What is this call regarding?”
  • Making contact despite voicemail
  • Creating value to win once contact is made
  • Qualifying a “Send Me Something” request
  • Leaving an effective voicemail message
  • Facilitated by Dialexis Master-Certified Trainers

SOAR Live-Dialing / Appointment Setting

  • Live telephone calls are made by your sales representatives to actual businesses (new business opportunities)
  • Facilitated by Dialexis Master-Certified Trainers

 Phase Three: SOAR 2.0 – Online

  • SOAR Online license per each salesperson
  • COURSES: Telephone | LinkedIn | Email | Mindset

Phase Four: SOAR 2.0 – Sales Manager Coaching or Train-The-Trainer Certification

  • Clients select appropriate candidates to become a SOAR in-house coach or Certified SOAR Trainer
  • Instruction is delivered by a Master SOAR Instructor

Phase Five: SOAR 2.0 – Reinforcement

  • 12 weeks, bi-weekly post-SOAR 2.0 follow-up and reinforcement sessions

SOAR 2.0 Results

Contact: 90% Success on Average

(46% with a Decision Maker | 44% with a High Influencer)

New Meetings Scheduled: 35% – 40% Success

Messages Returned: 55%+

LinkedIn Connection Success: 63%

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