SOAR Selling Approach

Driving Net-New Business

Paul Gille

CEO, Sales Performance Group
“I’m extremely impressed with the SOAR program, simple, effective, and one of the most enabling sales programs I have ever been through… and I have been through literally hundreds! I bought the SOAR Selling book, it was clear concise and well done. I can’t say enough about the experience.”

Stage One: Value Statement Development And Objection Handling

  • Development of compelling value statements through our Connector Sheet Process
  • Effective sales force responses to common objections are confirmed and reinforced
  • Facilitated by your selected Dialexis Leadership Team Members

Stage Two: SOAR Strategic C-Level Contact

  • How to make better initial contact with decision makers by telephone
  • Creating a platform for mindset breakthrough
  • Responses to questions such as, “What is this call regarding?”
  • Making contact despite voicemail
  • Creating value to win once contact is made
  • Qualifying a “Send Me Something” request
  • Leaving an effective message
  • Facilitated by Dialexis Master-Certified Trainers

SOAR Live-Dialing / Appointment Setting

  • Live telephone calls are made by your sales representatives to actual businesses (new business opportunities)
  • Facilitated by Dialexis Master-Certified Trainers

Video Testimonials From Very Experienced Salespeople

Stage Three: SOAR Sales Manager Coaches or Train-The-Trainer

  • Clients select appropriate candidates to become a SOAR in-house coach or Certified SOAR Trainer
  • Instruction is delivered by a Master SOAR Instructor

Stage Four: Post SOAR Support & Reinforcement

  • 12 weeks post-SOAR training telephone follow-up and reinforcement
  • LinkedIn workshop—connecting with decision makers
  • Communicating by email

Stage Five: SOAR Online

  • SOAR Online license per each salesperson
  • 12 weeks of Dialexis telephone follow-up and metric reinforcement

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