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Double-Down on Your Sales Background and Management Experience as an Affiliate with Dialexis!

After training thousands of salespeople and supporting hundreds of businesses throughout the globe, we decided to stop for a moment and take a step back to look at ourselves and ask a few questions:

“What is our vision for the future?”

“Do we have a strategy to scale Dialexis ?

“Do we aim to just grow our accounts and keep making more money?”


We decided to pump the brakes on EVERYTHING we were doing.


We realized that we were so focused on generating revenue for our clients that we did not take the time to acknowledge the growth of our company.

We realized that we really don’t have a system to support the amazing work that we do for our clients.

We realized we were missing the chance to have other sales professionals experience the same benefits we do.

We realized that salespeople like you could experience the same things we can – living a life of choice and doing what you love to do.

Based on what we have accomplished so far, it became clear to us that we should be sharing our wealth of knowledge with other sales trainers, professionals, managers, executives, directors – people like you.


Then, it hit us: We needed to create an Affiliate program.


Becoming an Affiliate with Dialexis is such a compelling opportunity for professionals like you.

Our current Dialexis Affiliates talk about the tremendous potential for growth being an Affiliate affords them.

They brag about finally achieving the work/life balance they didn’t have while climbing the corporate ladder.

They rave about the financial freedom they now enjoy with Dialexis.

They boast to other salespeople how Dialexis has supported them into having a life that they can now afford to live – having a life of choice.


Now, this is where we need you. Dialexis is looking for the best of the best to become an Affiliate.

We are not looking for people who might be interested in being in their own business – we want people who DESIRE to create a life of choice.

Discover this opportunity to join a group of highly-talented sales professionals, ranging from a former Executive of Motorola to a former Senior Sales Broker who needed to escape the corporate ladder.

Our Affiliates represent world class offerings that are being used by over 250,000 sales and leadership professionals worldwide. We stand out in the crowd because of our successful proprietary sales strategies.


When you partner with us, you won’t be in a competitive lane any longer.

You won’t have to worry about hitting your sales quota.

You don’t have to prepare yourself on anticipating others on closing in on your deals.

Instead, doors will open because our sales management training is unlike any other.


Now, here is the big question: What’s in it for you?


Here are the benefits of becoming an Affiliate with Dialexis:

  • Own your own business or increase your existing business platform
  • Be part of a high integrity team that is making a difference
  • Establish your income – no limits
  • Plan your travel – as little or as much as you enjoy
  • Capitalize on your sales & leadership experience in a growing industry
  • Receive unprecedented levels of support and training to ensure your success
  • Learn SOAR Selling, our world-class sales training platform, to aide in expanding your business exponentially


Now, here is the NEXT big question: What does Dialexis want from me?


As an ethical company and a Selling Power Top 20 Sales Training Company, we value transparency and authenticity. So in light of that, here is what we are looking in an Affiliate with Dialexis:

  • Wants to have their own business
  • Wants to work from home on their own schedule
  • Wants to travel when they want to and where they want to
  • Wants to capitalize on their past or current success and talent
  • Has a need to “go for the gold” and test their talent
  • Has a desire to be in their own business and is looking for an ethical & established partner
  • May have a network of C-Level Executive connections or a Consulting practice
  • May be a sales professional who dropped out to raise a family & wants to start again from home
  • May have a strong selling career in a Vertical industry
  • Learn SOAR Selling, our world-class sales training platform, to aide in expanding your business exponentially



Do you have what it takes to challenge yourself as a sales expert?

Do you want to become an owner of your own business process?

Do you want to stop tirelessly climbing up the corporate ladder?


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