In every business, the number one word and top priority is always “success.” Without success and growth, there’s no way to sustain your company, and failure is all but imminent. So much focus is often put into figuring out how we can grow more, how we can increase our ROI, and sometimes, how we can even stay afloat, that we forget to spend time on some of the most important factors to success. Yet just as a car needs to be able to reverse in order to be most effective, our businesses need to take a step back every now and then and focus on some equally important components that comprise the growth of a company.

Dialexis offers some of the best cold call training and sales seminar options around, and we have proven methods to help with lead generation and sales growth as a whole. Yet just as we believe in the power of our corporate training programs to help develop the success of your business, we recognize what an incredible difference corporate culture and mindset make. These are necessary factors to sales success, but often aren’t given the correct focus. You don’t have to look like “The Office” to do well, but there are some major ways that corporate culture and mindset can make a major difference. Read on to see how these factors contribute to success with sales, and contact Dialexis today to get the best corporate training programs around.

The importance of loving your job.

For any of us who are fortunate to have work, chances are you’re spending at least 40 hours each week devoted to work. This is approximately 24 percent of your week, and for many careers, your job takes up at least one-fourth of your year. Most of us can say with assurance that, given the choice, we’d rather spend one-fourth of our years doing something we enjoy. However, research backs up that this isn’t only important from a happiness perspective, but that your feelings towards your job have a significant impact on how your job is completed.

Hitting the “flow” of work is essentially the same as being in the zone—you’re focused, you’re motivated, and the ideas and creativity are, well, flowing. An article from the University of Southern California explains that “once you take on a task with a positive mindset and think of the benefits you can reap from completing his project, your work is more likely to happen in a steady concentrated flow.” With this mindset and level of flow, the output is increased productivity and motivation.

How does this factor into corporate culture? Far too many of us have had jobs that we haven’t enjoyed or felt motivated by, and as a result, doing our best work was immensely more difficult. Any employer would say they want to have motivated employees, the kind who get the job done (and well) and take initiative. Just as employees who are more motivated and enjoy their work perform better, the converse is true—employees who do not like their work are more often unlikely to produce comparable results.

Corporate culture drives performance.

The Wall Street Journal explained how corporate culture is essential to creating valuable performance from employees. In their article regarding corporate culture, they mention what researchers and psychologists have found: “Companies that got good grades from employees on culture early in the study generally had higher profits in later years… The researchers found that companies that didn’t show any improvement in culture generally became less profitable.”

One of the biggest things to note about corporate culture is that it’s a longer road. The study discussed that “the payoff from a positive corporate culture doesn’t come quickly.” This is an investment, but an incredibly worthwhile one. Corporate culture plays a huge role in enjoyment of a job, and both are needed to optimize employee performance and results as a whole.

In our next blog, the masterful corporate trainers at Dialexis will go over some ways to help maintain positive corporate culture. Our corporate training programs are renowned for offering sales force effectiveness and sales seminars that can make a difference. Check out our video on the difference mindset can make in sales, and get in touch with Dialexis today to get the best sales training for your company!