Company Overview

Dialexis operates on the belief that “simplicity lies on the other side of complexity.” We are committed to providing the best solutions and resources for sales growth, leadership advancement and culture shift. Dialexis has been invited into many Ethisphere nominated organizations due to our ethical standards. Our practices are based upon real world experience. Our work is simple and quantifiable. We have been given the opportunity to work with Fortune 500 clients that have made a bold commitment to a relationship with Dialexis. Through this joint partnership they have realized significant ROI in Leadership & Sales performance while Dialexis has experienced the benefit of working with world class ethical organizations.


SOAR SELLING 2.0 – How To Make Strategic Contact with Key Decision Makers

90% of every net-dial can result in reaching a Decision Maker or High Influencer! Salespeople discover the basic strategies for making contact 90% of the time with a clear ethical process. SOAR is a simple yet sophisticated instruction founded in a proven strategic process that is real world not theoretical.  Salespeople will learn a highly ethical strategy for generating a greater percentage of appointments and leave with immediate take-away application.  Prospecting will become interesting, rewarding and productive for each participant. At the end of the program, proof of concept will be provided in the form of ‘Live dialing’ by attendees with instructor support. SOAR C-Level Contact is viable for seasoned salespeople as well as for new sales talent. If driving new business has value to your organization SOAR is the critical missing link. Multiple clients have said “without making contact …. what to do when you get in is a moot point!”

Key Components

  • How to speak with a Receptionist
    • Asking for the Decision Maker with Confidence and Presence
    • Responding to “CHIP” questions such as “What is it regarding?” or “Are they expecting your call?”
  • How to make contact despite Voicemail – our 5 step process
  • How to engage an Executive Assistant Effectively
  • How to qualify a “Send Me Something” Request
  • How to convert a “Send Me Something” Request into a Meeting
  • How to Leave an Effective Voicemail Message

SOAR Selling 2.0 – Value Statement Development & Objection Handling

A powerful Value Statement enables even the newest salesperson the opportunity to initiate immediate interest when contacting a new prospect. Knowing what to say and how to say it generates more qualified appointments. The process of developing compelling value statements combined with handling some of the most common objections is accomplished by creating customized value statements and multiple responses for objections for each product line or vertical in a workshop format. This session is recommended after the SOAR Contact course to ensure the SOAR Live Dialing day will result in the best results possible for setting 1st meetings!

Key Components

  • Group invitees consist of marketing, select Sales Leaders and Dialexis personnel as Facilitators
  • Isolate product offerings and differentiators for each
  • Within verticals, identify desired target contact
  • Construct Value Statements for each vertical
  • Develop responses to the most common Objections in each vertical
  • Discuss KPI’s for Value Statement ‘delivery’
  • Dialexis facilitates based upon decades of Value Statement experience with a multitude of organizations
  • At conclusion of the Workshop, select Value Statements are provided to Marketing for post-delivery to sales

Qualifying During the Prospecting Call

Qualifying or refining interest offers the salesperson the opportunity to better understand the intention or need of the new prospect. When a new contact says “send me something” most salespeople believe either that is the prospects way to get off the phone (no interest) OR the salesperson often assumes that the “send me something” request is a statement of interest and in fact it may be, but then again it may not be.  Qualifying this familiar request provides the salesperson with authentic pipelines vs pipedreams!

Key Components

  • Gather information to help develop your business case
  • The skill of asking 2nd and 3rd level questions
  • Put the prospect first with our consultative approach

SOAR Selling 2.0 – Live Dialling and Appointment Setting

The impact of delivering SOAR Selling ‘live’ can’t be understated.  Typical responses from attendees are; “I wish I would have known this years ago; my career would have advanced so much faster!” or “I never thought this could work, I can’t believe it!” or “The live dialing segment of this program is electric and brings everything together!” Experiencing SOAR live dialing brings the components of C-Level Contact front and center in a way that is unpresented from other training programs.  Although attendees frequently enter the program as sceptics, doubtful that a 90% contact rate could be achieved with any program, they are quickly converted.  Once live dialing takes place, the mental crossover from sceptic to believer is powerful.

Key Components

  • Apply the theory of SOAR Selling 2.0 during real phone calls into a real companies during the training session
  • Schedule meetings live during the training session!
  • Mindset shift occurs when it comes to telephone and prospecting for new business

SOAR Selling 2.0 – Accountability thru Metrics – Turning Prospecting into Revenue

SOAR clearly differentiates itself from other selling systems by the mere fact that we demonstrate how to get in not just what to do once you get in! The Dialexis Metric platform will measure the increase in contact, appointments, revenue pipeline and closed revenue from baseline. As shown in our work with Fortune 500 companies, when measured over a 12-week period, SOAR delivers a 200%-2000% ROI.

Key Components

  • Track activities over an initial 12-week period, post-training
  • An opportunity to discuss what is working and ask questions
  • 200% to 2000% ROI in as little as 12 weeks

SOAR Selling 2.0 – Utilizing the Power of LinkedIn

Participants will understand the power of LinkedIn, experience a variety of tools and how to use those tools most effectively in an effort to connect with Decision Makers and High Influencers.  The outcome delivers a strategic process for maximizing the profiles of key targets.  Additionally, attendees will learn how to maximize the power of SOAR Selling with LinkedIn.

Key Components

  • Completing your LinkedIn profile
  • Maximizing your profile photo
  • Aligning Your Profile Settings to your LinkedIn Objectives
  • Following Companies
  • Join and Understand LinkedIn Groups
  • How to ask for Recommendations
  • Filter Search Strategies
  • Locating Contact Information
  • Sending an Effective Connection Request to a Decision Maker

SOAR Selling 2.0 – Enterprise Capture

Enterprise Account Capture is a baseline approach for acquiring Net-New Logo’s. Considering that all ‘oil wells dry up’, the senior sales professional is encouraged to strategically prospect for new logos. This program instructs select sales professionals how to strategically prospect at a high level utilizing SOAR Connector Sheeting along with Internet/Social Media research. Connector Sheeting allows the senior sales professional to create an immediate connection with a new logo and connect on the basis of the corporation’s key initiatives.  Once contact is made, ordinary value statements are transformed into ‘authentic conversations’ through the use of connector sheeting.

Key Components

  • Learn the process of SOAR Selling 2.0 Connector Sheeting
  • Turn basic Value Statements into authentic conversations using the Connector format
  • Connect the power of social media and internet research with the SOAR process
  • Protect loss of existing enterprise base by adding 2 new logos over a 12-month cycle

MINDSET!  The Critical Missing Piece of Top Performance.

The assessment of a salespersons’ performance is best achieved by examining their Mindset and their ability to execute (Mechanics.)  Experience reveals that Mindset is generally the missing link or at the crux of mediocre performance.  Yes, salespeople typically are missing the solid base of mechanics when it comes to “how” to drive new business or get in front of new decision makers.  Bottom-line, providing salespeople with sound mechanics doesn’t always result in top performance.  As mentioned, the culprit is often Mindset. This segment is essential at all levels of sales to inspire, motivate and have each person achieve their top performance!

Key Components

  • Identifying & reframing Limiting Beliefs
  • Destructive Interpretations
  • Prospecting Myths
  • Connecting Mindset to corporate expectations & personal vision
  • Negative associations & it’s impact on sales objectives performance
  • Declarations & commitments
  • Discovering hidden blocks to sales performance
  • Self-motivation keys
  • Drivers of high-intensity thinking
  • Personal history & it’s impact on results
  • Intention vs. Mechanism
  • Maintaining ethics in the paradigm of achievement
  • Payoffs that keep performance at the lower level
  • Primary strategies that allow shifting from average to exceptional
  • 100% Responsibility

Initial Meeting Framework

Once the initial first meeting is set – it is now up to the salesperson to relate to the potential new client by understanding their “triggers” such as why they would consider moving forward or even listening.  Salespeople work hard to get the initial appointment and yet they tend to fail miserably by missing the mark during their first meeting. Its critical to understand client “triggers” or why they are interested in learning more. Is it out of pain they have a problem or due to a desire to move forward they have a vision of something better – these are both “triggers.” This working session focuses on how to initially listen for the triggers while setting the first meeting and then outlines the framework for creating a successful meeting!

Key Components

  • How to listen for each prospects’ “triggers” during the first face-to-face meeting
  • Each attendee will bring new opportunities “lost” for post mortem analytics
  • All attendees are instructed on how to take control of the first meeting to serve the prospect

DiSC Assessments

DiSC for the Salesperson is classroom training that uses online pre-work, engaging facilitation with contemporary video and online follow-up to create a personalized learning experience.  Participants learn how to read the styles of their customers. The result is salespeople who adapt their styles to connect better—and close more sales.

Key Components

  • Understanding Your DiSC Sales Style
  • Recognizing and Understanding Customer Buying Styles
  • Adapting Your Sales Style to Your Customer’s Buying Style


Baseline Assessment

Prior to establishing any solutions, Dialexis’ 25-year experience acknowledges the importance of understanding the organization’s existing corporate initiatives before instituting any strategy. Simply teaming with an organization and executing on a reactive basis will, at best, lead to short-term gain.  Substantial results and significant “return on investment” (ROI) requires research to understand what the proper strategy and approach is.  Moving immediately into training without a definitive understanding of leadership’s corporate vision is putting the cart before the horse.  Achieving corporate objectives requires a clear path of mutual and accountable expectations and a partnership mentality to deliver long term significant ROI. reas of investigation may include the following:

Key Components

  • Leadership corporate initiatives
  • What isn’t working, needs improvement or suggests discontinuance
  • Top line revenue objectives
  • Leadership skills that require development
  • Sales analytics such as recruiting, training, motivating and attrition

The Canoe Theory – Recruiting & Building Top Performers

Applying The Canoe Theory principles, based upon the book The Canoe Theory, is at the core of building a strong united team. The fundamental principle of The Canoe Theory is “simplicity lies on the other side of complexity.”  Harnessing the skill, energy and hearts of many is often viewed as complex.  This simple philosophy when delivered throughout the entire organization will bring an organizations’ culture together. The fundamental formula of the seven tenets formatted in The Canoe Theory book recognizes that everyone being part of the same team and “rowing” all in the same direction is essential for growth, profitability, employee and shareholders’ satisfaction! This simple yet powerful metaphor is a game changer for obtaining results.

Key Components

  • Vision
  • Vision communication
  • Existing talent assessment
  • Commitment interviews
  • Generating a high performance culture – strategies for maintaining Demand Generation intensity
  • Accountability and metrics
  • Release – the financial and emotional drain of holding on to poor producers
  • Recruiting the best sales talent*
  • Training & building – reduction of attrition through a building leadership approachrather than a managing approach

Once the organization embraces The Canoe Theory mindset, recruiting at any level will ensure selecting the right talent. Hiring the wrong individual is an expensive proposition that not only costs the company money, but often destroys cultures. The Canoe Theory has been field tested in masses of industries and with large and small companies alike. The end results are increased employee satisfaction, retention of top talent, attracting key new members of the team, higher performance at all levels and a new refreshing level of accountability.

Key Components

  • Recruiting determinants that separate the hunter vs the farmer
  • Finding the best candidates in all the wrong places
  • Why using recruiting agencies is unnecessary
  • Hiring experience vs rookies – what research reveals
  • What the best candidates really want – but aren’t getting in the majority of organizations
  • How companies are turning sales hiring over to HR and how it’s costing the organization

Leadership Mechanics – for Emerging New Leaders

Leadership Mechanics has been developed for the emerging new leader.  Its focus is on developing the primary skills required of a great leader such as: motivating, conflict resolution, uniting, building, developing, mentoring, communicating and retaining an elite team.  Leadership is the key to an organization reaching its goals. It is for these reasons Dialexis has developed Leadership Mechanics For The Emerging Leader. How often we have seen top performers thrown in a leadership role with any proper guidance. Therefore, Leadership Mechanics is applicable for those aspiring to improve the tactical aspects of managing/leading an operation.  The information has been derived from real world experiences and is presented through case studies, lectures, role play and open forum dialogue – “real world”!

Key Components

  • Key Provide leadership mechanics/ tactics leading to high performance results
  • Aspects of creating a breakthrough in production, recruiting and retention
  • Increase levels of respect from those being directed
  • Confidence building

Next Level – Generating Employee Alignment

NEXT Level begins with strategic confidential research to determine the existing connection or lack of connection with Leadership’s vision.  This valuable information is confidentially used to coach the Executive Leadership Team in reconnecting and strengthening the organization. Dialexis provides a one-year path to re-connect employee commitments and re-set leadership’s operational strategy.  Prior experience has revealed an 87% disconnect between leaderships declared vision and the employee’s belief in that vision. The opportunity is surprising since initially most leaders would suggest “we are working well with each other”. As Edwards Deming suggested “we are often working hard at doing it wrong”. Alignment and understanding of where the organization is going takes on a new level of responsibility for everyone in the organization.

Key Components

  • Transparency
  • Effective communication to the employee base
  • Intent vs. perception
  • Authentic leadership
  • Responsibility

Excellence in Leadership – A Transformational Experience

Leaders are those who envision, declare and create something unprecedented. An unprecedented result means a result no longer inspired by past interpretations, but rather inspired by forward possibilities.  In this program, participants discover fundamental distinctions regarding what it means to lead. They move from a desire to “manage” things into the domain of creating, regardless of the circumstances. Attendees will discover patterns that limit their professional performance through powerful exercises and explore the real choices they have by becoming aware of their prevailing interpretations. Participants will move from “it’s out of my control” to “I generate everything.” Previous attendees have learned to shift their results through new and powerful personal interpretations. The Excellence in Leadership Phase I and Phase II curriculum is rigorous and requires a complete commitment to take on big challenges for 1 year! The course will examine:

Key Components

  • Resistance
  • Interpretations that outside forces restrict results
  • Leadership responsibility & integrity
  • Commitment & it’s impact
  • Conscious intent & unconscious intent – its impact on results & team development
  • Converting vision into crusades
  • Leadership challenges that seem daunting you will convert to opportunities
  • Integrity

Note: Although the impact of this course is intense and recommended only for leaders that are willing to attend with an open mind, it has the platform to shift leadership results immediately. Senior leadership should select only candidates that are ready for a major shift in performance.

Leadership Assessments

DiSC for Leaders allows all level of leaders to understand their personal style of leadership, their strengths and opportunities. This personalized learning experience allows participants to read the style(s) of the people they leading and how to adapt their own style according to who they are coaching. The results are transforming and each participating leader leaves being able to manage more effectively.

Key Components

  • Directing and Delegating
  • Improving Employee Motivation
  • Employee Development
  • Working with other Leaders

Listening Mastery

Discover the Impact of the Five Listening Approaches and listening styles. It’s estimated that people screen out or change the intended purpose of what they hear in over 70% of all communications. The biggest factor contributing to such miscommunications is our listening approach. Behavioral research shows that people listen with a preferred listening style. This interactive session allows each participant to walk away with new skills of Listening. The ability to master listening is essential for anyone – leaders, sales people, deal makers, account managers, technical or customer service staff – anyone that interacts with anyone!

Key Components

  • Appreciative: Listens in a relaxed manner, seeking enjoyment, entertainment, or inspiration.
  • Empathic: Listens without judging, is supportive of the speaker, and learns from the experiences of others.
  • Comprehensive: Listens to organize and make sense of information by understanding relationships among ideas.
  • Discerning: Listens to get complete information, understand the main message, and determine important details.
  • Evaluative: Listens in order to make a decision based on information provided and may accept or reject message based on personal beliefs.


Dialexis provides a library of Keynote presentations that deliver high impact and significant take-away value.  Topics can be customized or selected from the following:


  • Foundations of Achievement – The fundamental differentiators top performers consistently execute.
  • Why Salespeople Don’t Prospect and How Leaders Shift the Mindset – Based upon 25 years of training salespeople
  • How Mindset Plays a Significant Role in Achievement –The difference between mechanics and mindset in the world of performance.
  • Excellence in Leadership – Based upon a 15-year leadership study that revealed startling evidence of leadership disconnects with rank and file.
  • How to Move the “Stuck in Middle” Sales Group to the Top – Strategies for sales managers.
  • Developing High Performance Teams – Key aspects focused on the importance of leadership in small team environments.
  • Developing Rookie Sales Talent –What it takes to capture the mindset of the new sales rookie.
  • Distinctions of High Performance Salespeople – Based upon 20 years of interaction with top performing salespeople.
  • Converting Mission Statements into Crusades– A strategy leaders can enact to inspire employees to participate fully behind a corporate initiative.
  • The Canoe Theory Leadership – building a ‘team” of high functioning individuals!  (Based on the speaker’s book) – Moving from Complex to Simplicity – aligning your company!
  • Two Keys to Moving Average Salespeople into Top Performers– Based upon 25 years of research and field training of salespeople.
  • All Oil Wells Dry Up– The myth that driving more revenue from existing accounts will protect the organization.
  • Build Leadership –The process of moving from ‘manager’ to a Builder Leader.
  • Leadership Mechanics for the Emerging New Leader Focusing on the fundamental aspects of leadership

Key Components

  • Delivered over a 1-3 hour time session
  • Applicable for large or small groups
  • 1-hour sales focused breakout sessions may be added following the Keynote
  • Captivating Delivery – Derived from real world content and delivered by high performance speakers


On-Site Instructor Delivery

Dialexis provides a Master Trainer for all face-to-face trainings at an organization’s facility or location of choice.  The on-site experience represents the very best experience for most Dialexis offerings.  On-site training provides a stimulating experience for attendees and leadership.

Key Components

  • Client selects the number of candidates to attend
  • Typically, the best location is at a hotel away from day-to-day distractions
  • Dialexis requires minimal training needs
  • Group size is determined based upon the program selected

Virtual Sales Manager

For organizations that may be out of logical range to conduct in person on-site coaching, Dialexis offers telephone or tele-conference coaching. Sessions may last 1 – 2 hours on a frequency determined by client leadership.

Key Components

  • Individual or group sessions
  • Best when leadership is in the session
  • Metrics are applied to respect accountability
  • Results are exceptional when challenges or questions are posed in advance to the Dialexis facilitator/coach

Custom Workshop Delivery

Dialexis offers a workshop format for topics that are best achieved in small group teams such as Value Statement, Objection Handling, Initial Meeting Framework, and LinkedIn/Social Media presence Dialexis provides the facilitation.

Key Components

  • Customized for each module
  • Casual working environment
  • Typically completed one day
  • Dialexis offers training that supports the workshop results

Coaching Certification for SOAR Selling

Certified Coaches play a critical role in everyday support.  Teams frequently require re-tuning in the training mechanics taught. As a result, the Player Coach becomes the ‘go to’ for on the spot answers.

Key Components

  • With the Certified Coach model, the training is identical to the Certified Trainer model with exception of having to Solo-Instruct a class.
  • The Certified Coach is then prepared to interact with the organization as an expert in the process.
  • Having a Certified Coach inside the operation provides team members with instant access questions and solutions to challenges.
  • This process allows the energy and interest to be maintained.
  • The organization’s investment is insured.

SOAR-On-Line Delivery

Every component of SOAR Selling is available on-line in 7 independent components.  Candidates learn SOAR Selling 24/7 from their computers or tablets and do so at their own pace.  The instruction is engaging, easy to comprehend and provides identical platforms as the live-training and is cost effective.

Key Components

  1. Get Ready (Preparing to prospect)
  2. Receptionist & The NIZ (Specifics for dealing with the gatekeeper)
  3. Value Statements & Objection Handling (Creating value statements and objection handling)
  4. The EAP & PZ (Dialogue when connecting with the Executive Assistant in the Power Zone)
  5. The President & PZ (What to say when reaching the President)
  6. Putting It All Together (Video of how it all works)
  7. SOAR Insights (Additional supporting tools)

Webinar Delivery

Webinars are effective for those organizations that are challenged by bringing their personnel together in a single location.  In a short 1.5-hour segment or over a series of segments, training can be delivered with significant clarity.  Although nothing beats a live presentation, webinars coupled with individual coaching or online training as reinforcement, bring comprehension to an impressive level.

Key Components

  • 5 hours
  • Use of power point to support learning
  • Considerable interaction

Coaching On-Site or Teleconference

Once Dialexis trainings are delivered, Dialexis offers on-site coaching as a follow up platform for continued learning.

Key Components

  • Face-to-face 1 hour or ½ day sessions
  • Attendees can be individuals or teams
  • Available for sales and leadership teams
  • Post discovery is delivered to executive leadership
  • Metrics are applied to respect accountability

Train-The-Trainer Certification for SOAR Selling

Maintaining the integrity of our client’s investment is substantially supported by the implementation of the Train-The-Trainer process.  Once the initial training is completed the certified corporate trainers maintain the momentum and energy initially introduced to the organization.  As a result, the organization’s capture of net-new business and net-new logos continues throughout the year.

Key Components

  • Dialexis provides a Certification platform called Train-The-Trainer
  • Candidates for the certified program are immersed in a 3-day training session with a Master Instructor.
  • Upon completing the instruction, candidates are required to demonstrate competency by Solo instructing a class.
  • This is done under the supervision of a Master Trainer.
  • Annual certification competency is required.